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Welcome to Esperity Health, the ultimate platform designed to empower you in managing your health with ease and precision. With Esperity Health, you can seamlessly integrate all aspects of your health management into one intuitive platform. Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to a holistic health experience.

Getting grip on your health journey

Keeping track of your patient journey can help you to better manage your health.

Get access to tools to feel fully empowered

Become more empowered by being informed, by tracking your health and quality of life, and by setting goals to manage your health.

Stop feeling lost as a patient by having clarity

Let us help you by providing tools to navigate easier through your healthcare trajectory.

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"Since I started using Esperity Health, my healthcare experience has transformed. It empowers me to meticulously track my health journey and share information with my doctor, triggering me to ask different questions and fostering clearer communication."
Severe Vasculitis Patient


Feel less frustrated during follow-up consultation.

If you are dealing with chronic disease you most probably might feel frustrated during your follow-up consultations that you only have 8 minutes to describe how you felt over the last 3 months.

You don’t feel heard

You wonder if you are really doing fine. You don’t recall all the details of the last weeks. You forgot to mention how you really felt.

You feel lost

When talking to your physician, you want to give a complete picture of your evolution.

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The Spark


Imagine an effortless system to keep track of your health journey, fostering meaningful dialogues with your physicians. Envision handing over a concise report to your doctor, enabling fact-based discussions about your progress. Picture sharing this information with loved ones, enhancing their understanding and involvement in your health.

Science driven patient empowerment

Using 8 years of insights of research with patients, hospitals and patient organisations, we have put together this unique patient navigator to help you take control.

And our research continues with various hospitals and patient organisations.

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Visualise your health journey

An easy app with functionalities that empower you

Esperity Health helps you record your medical journey and symptoms In an easy and absolute secure way, allowing you to share it with your treating physician or your circle of trust.

Symptom Tracker

Monitor your symptoms over time to identify patterns and triggers. Make informed decisions about your health with data-driven insights.

Medical Contacts

Keep a detailed directory of your healthcare providers, from doctors to specialists, ensuring you can connect with them quickly when needed.

Health Goals

Set and track health goals, whether it's improving fitness, managing a condition, or achieving better wellness. Celebrate your achievements and stay motivated on your health journey.

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Insurance Overview

Centralize all your health insurance information in one secure place. Access your policy details, coverage, and keep track of your claims history.

Visualise Your Health Timeline

Create a personalized health timeline to document important milestones, treatments, and progress. Share this timeline with your physicians to enhance your care.

Your Circle of Trust

Appoint your Circle of Trust to allow them to follow your health trajectory and leave notes to inform each other when caring for you.

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Medical Contacts

All my insurance in one place

Maintain a detailed directory of your healthcare providers, including everyone from general practitioners to specialists.

Ensure that the directory allows you to quickly connect with them when necessary.


We accompany you to your next medical consultation.

In our mission to empower patients, we have created two essential tools to help you manage your medications and prepare for your medical appointments.


Plans and Pricing

No hidden fees, no limits

Account **

**Please note, by choosing this option, you only have access to limited functionalities.

€0 /month
  • Track your health journey

  • Share reports with your physician

  • Visualize your Quality of Life scores

  • Educational content in your own language
  • Monthly Subscription

    Take control of your health data. Enjoy all the benefits of the free account, plus:

    €10 /month
  • Track your health journey

  • Share reports with your physician

  • Visualize your Quality of Life scores

  • Educational content in your own language

  • Set goals for a healthier lifestyle

  • Your insurance details in one place

  • Overview of your medical providers

  • Activate your Circle of Trust

  • Full ownership and control over your data

  • Ability to export your data for your own records at any moment

  • Yearly Subscription

    Get 20% reduction and a free voucher for a friend for a year with a yearly subscription.

    €100 /year
  • Track your health journey

  • Share reports with your physician

  • Visualize your Quality of Life scores

  • Educational content in your own language

  • Set goals for a healthier lifestyle

  • Your insurance details in one place

  • Overview of your medical providers

  • Activate your Circle of Trust

  • Full ownership and control over your data

  • Ability to export your data for your own records at any moment

  • Get a free voucher for a friend for a year
  • Security & Data Use

    Who Owns Your Data?

    The data you enter on this platform belongs to you. At all times, you retain ownership of your data. You have the right to export your data at any moment and delete your account. When you choose to delete your account, your data will be permanently removed. Before deleting your account, you have the option to export your data. If you opt to share some of your data with an organization, you can do this through the settings. By default, this option is off; you must manually enable it to give consent for your data to be shared in an aggregated and anonymous manner with the specified organization. Sharing your data is entirely optional. Even if you choose to share your data, you still remain the owner of your data, though you consent to add your data to the organization’s register. This feature is not activated by default, so you must actively enable it if you choose to share your data. 

    You can download your data at any time under Settings. Click ‘Download My Data’ to receive a file containing your information.

    There are various ways to share your data. The first option is to add someone to your Circle of Trust. By doing this, you give consent for that person to view your data. If you enable the ‘read-only’ option, the person can only read your data. If you disable the ‘read-only’ option, the person can also enter data on your behalf (e.g., a caregiver). You can revoke access at any time in the Circle of Trust menu. Deleting the user from your circle will remove their access. 

    You are the only one with access to your data unless you opt to share it using the Circle of Trust option. Designated individuals will then have access to your data. If you choose to share your aggregated and anonymous data with an organization via the settings, that organization will only receive the data specified in the opt-in box. The organization will not receive your name, only the raw data values you consent to share.

    Your data is stored in France in compliance with GDPR regulations.

    You have the option to enable two-factor authentication in your settings, adding an extra layer of security to your account. All communication is SSL encrypted, ensuring that data transmitted over the web is secure. Additionally, your login information (username) and the data you enter are stored in separate databases, enhancing data security. 


    Patients who are already familiar with Esperity Health

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    "Through Esperity Health, I've learned to ask questions to my doctor that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. It has empowered me to take action myself rather than being a passive bystander in my own health journey."
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    Patient with rheumatoid arthritis
    "Thanks to Esperity Health, my loved ones can also stay informed about my health, enabling them to offer support when I experience a flare-up."
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    Patient with IBD
    "It gives me a sense of control and reassurance, knowing that I always have access to my health information and support at my fingertips."
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    Asthma patient

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